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And now for something completely ridiculous.
You know how sometimes you get a silly idea in your head, and you can't let go of it until it's done?

So I bring you: A Buffyverse Alphabet (in the style of Edward Gorey's Gashlycrumb Tinies):

A is for Anya, who died being brave.
B is for Buffy, crawled out of her grave.
C's for Cordelia, gave birth to a god.
D is for Darla, whose birth plan was flawed.
E is for Eve, who was dead from the First.
F is for Fred, whose fate was much worse.
G is for Gunn, who put up a brave fight.
H is for Harmony, who succumbed to a bite.
I is for Illyria, gone to dust.
J is for Jonathan and his misplaced trust.
K's for Katrina, clubbed in the head.
L is for Lilah, still scheming, but dead.
M is for Merrick, a wound in his throat.
N is for Nikki, who had a nice coat.
O is for Olaf, turned into a troll.
P's for Principal Snyder, gobbled up whole.
Q is for Quentin, who got blown up.
R is for Rack, who was drained like a cup.
S is for Spike, burned up on the spot.
T is for Tara, killed by a stray shot.
U is for Underwood, Cecily, finally slain by D'Hoffryn.
V's for Veruca, who did not rate a coffin.
W is for Warren, who was flayed (it was gory).
X is for Xin Rong. Tell her mother she's sorry.
Y's for all the young kids watching Smile Time in arenas.
Z's for the zookeeper, munched by hyenas.

ETA: If you're bewildered by any of these, I made an explanatory post here!

ETA2: tarotgal has made one for Highlander!

Hee! That was delightful. A different Buffyverse ABC in my icon.

What a very appropriate icon! Nice. (I see I'm not the only one who had trouble coming up with something for Y.)

Aww, that was lovely. And now I must buy that Gorey book for all the kid's I know (the better to traumatize them, my dear.)

Thanks! (I'm not sure if "lovely" was what I was going for, though...)

The Gorey book is also available in the form of a poster, which is how I've run across it.

Heee, loved it. I must now go and try and do a Supernatural one...

A is for Azazel, snarky and cruel....

Ha ha! If this becomes a meme, I totally want credit. (Even if I did steal the idea from Edward Gorey in the first place.)

Oh, this is awesome!!! heee! :D

Hee, nice appropriate icon. Thanks!

The Buffyverse seen like that... brrr. Shivers

But "nice" idea! :)

And for many of the letters, there were plenty of other names I could've used! There sure are a lot of dead characters to choose from. (On the other hand, I had to really stretch it for Y!)

Glad you liked. :)

The only one I had trouble with was E, though maybe that's because I came across your explanatory post first for Y!

And yes, your Z was very clever :D

(Deleted comment)
I love this! You're so clever! Some of these were quite brilliant.

I'm totally going to try my hand at a Highlander one (so far, it sucks- you made it look so easy!!!) I think you totally started a meme, dear.

Wow, so fun! Now I'm dying to see the characters drawn in the Gorey style to go with it.

Ha ha! That would be awesome. But well beyond my artistic abilities.

This is great! For me, you really captured Gorey's tone in this grisly, macabre passage: K's for Katrina, clubbed in the head.
L is for Lilah, still scheming, but dead.

Liked it! Reading through these was like watching a video montage.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! :-)

Damn, it was creepy! Brilliant poem.

Oh my. Brilliant my dear! I especially like "birth plan was flawed" and "fate was much worse". And also, "still scheming, but dead" and "drained like a cup". Oh hell, it's all terrific. Great job.