January 21st, 2007


Fic: That Good Night (10/?)

Hello, world! Believe it or not, I have another chapter done already. And this one actually has Spike and Xander in it!

Thanks to yourlibrarian, as usual, for beta-reading, idea-sharing, and for making writing fun.

By the way, do you remember five months ago when I posted a teaser for an upcoming chapter of “That Good Night”? Yeah, this is finally that chapter!

Oh, and one other announcement: by reader request, I'm starting an email list to let people know when I update. If you'd like to be on the list, please let me know either in comments or by email at shadowscast at yahoo dot com.

Anyway, here are the story details:

Title: That Good Night (part 10 of ?)
Rating: NC-17.
Continuity info: This is the sixth story in the Fragments 'verse, fitting in immediately after Before the Time of Dawn. This story is set a couple of years post-NFA.
Summary: Spike is human and he's having problems. He and Xander are currently in Sao Paulo, where Willow has just had a baby and a new vampire problem is looming.
Warnings: My posting schedule will probably continue to be erratic! If that's going to frustrate you hugely, you should probably wait until it's complete. Also, it's going to be dark. Possibly kinda depressing. Definitely angsty, h/c with lots of hurt. Character death will most definitely be threatened, and I'd rather not say what comes of it (though if you're terribly worried, ask me privately).

This update is about 3700 words; the total length now stands at about 34,400.

Previous parts are [here].

I haven't prepared a new "Previously in the Fragments!Verse" summary for today, but since I just posted last week, hopefully you remember what's going on!

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